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Wikipedia has always been a great source of knowledge and continues to be for all. As the content keeps on adding daily. While whatsapp has captured the space of almost all the Smartphones and many uses it instead of regular messaging service which charge to send a message. Yesterday I got a message about Wikipedia on Whatsapp and thought of sharing it with you.

Groups is a great thing on Whatsapp. Now a group in Whatsapp can add Wikipedia as a member and can get the information about anything from Wiki. Its better if you can create a seperate new group and add Wiki to have knowledge just for you. Steps for creating is as below.

  1. Add the contact in your mobile as Wikipedia with Number +15813183940.
  2. Go to a Group or create a new Group with any name.
  3. Go to link for adding a new member in the group and select Wikipedia.
  4. Once added in the group, to receive information for example type WIKI Banana in the group and send. In a moment you will receive information about it with related things as well.

Below are screenshots I searched for.

I have tried using


as a friend on


but that never gives any response, so it works only in Groups, May be in future they release this function as well. Add the number

+1 (581) 318-3940

and search whereever whenever

If you still dont have whatsapp, you can download from store or from Whatsapp

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