Whatsapp Calling feature in Tizen Phones

Until now Tizen users have been eagerly waiting for Calling feature in Whatsapp. If you are a Tizen Phone user you can download the latest Beta version availiable by registering yourself here.

The beta version is availiable for both Z1 and Z3 phones. Once you register, the download link will be activated from where a Tizen user can download the latest version of whatsapp. The only new thing is Whatsapp Calling feature.

One can share the feedback and bugs which found while using the beta version of Whatsapp on the same Forum Website. Enjoy whatsapp Calling on Tizen Z1 and Z3 phones.

I have downloaded on my bothe Z1 and Z3 phones and found the calling feature works fantastic, while few bugs found and reported on the Tizen Forum and hope they are solved in the update.

Tizen interested people can join the forum here

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