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When I put up my weight to 90kgs I realized its very very high and no matter how I should bring it down. What is the first thing I should do? I should be first happy that reaching 90kgs was also not easy, its all that I myself have achieved this weight. Once I realized and believe its only me, My mind gives me plans to lose weight.

Losing weight upto 84kgs was easy enough. Morning Walk, Yoga, Good Diet, Good Food, avoiding sweets, fats, etc… What I have seen here, is many do this, and even I have done this earlier as well. The Weight doesn’t go further lower but shoots up at higher levels once we leave our daily habit. So this is a crucial point where I had to push myself to lose weight and achieve my targets.

What is my Target? I should have weight around 73-75 kgs. So I have to lose more 10kgs now. There are various ways to lose weight I believe, a proper diet, more exercise, and others. What did I choose from them. I choose to do fasting for a day in a week. I started fasting (Only on water for 24hrs) on Saturday every week. The first two weeks were very very tough. From third week I started enjoying it 🙂

As I learned I use to eat a little less and good food on Friday, then on Saturday on water and on Sunday, break the fast with Lemon and Water and then eat Apple or Khichidi (Have the Foods which are very easily digestible). So for one day Fasting, I have to be careful for three days.

During first two weeks there wasn’t any change in weight, but then the Push was made, and in the third week got the result and my weight again started reducing.

Look out the graph, I started logging the weight data in Google Fit when my weight was around 86-87kgs.

Google Fit Weight Graph
Google Fit Weight Graph

Presently my weight is 78Kgs and I have planned to reduce it very slowing and get it to 74kgs in 2-3 months time. I do eat chocolates, Ice Creams, Hotel Food, etc.. but all are in automatic limits. Feels very good. But always Good and Healthy food along with Walking, Exercise, Yoga, etc.. is a must.

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