Two Whatsapp Messenger in Samsung Z1

It’s been a couple of months owning Samsung’s Z1 which runs on Tizen OS which I won it during a competition. It’s a nice smartphone in it’s range. While being a dual sim it is very light and fast for operating, when I got the mobile, I installed Whatsapp messenger and that was same to same look like Android version of whatsapp messenger, well the version needed ACL, the whatsapp version supports calling facility even.


Whatsapp version got updated recently, and to my surprise its just same to same as the iPhone without the calling feature, so loosing the calling feature for Tizen.

Here comes the trick, What I did is I installed the older version of the whatsapp messenegr which is having calling feature and looks like Android’s version and set to a Number. Whenever it aske to update it, I just tap on Later and the version of this Whatsapp retains. Again I have downloaded the latest version and set it with another number and that also retained!

So I am able to use whatsapp messenger for both the numbers in my Dual Sim mobile.

Well I use this mobile for developing and Apps for the Mobile, but wanted to share for Samsung Z1 user’s that how you can use the mobile to the maximum. Tizen seems to be robust and very light weight OS and seems unbeatable in present market. Well may be many unhappy but seems Tizen is having a bright future.

Update ( 11 Sep 2015) : Due to the latest mandatory update needed in Samsung Whatsapp the above things are not possible. People who downloaded like this earlier might adjust mobile phone’s date for using both the whatsapp.

Update (25 Aug 2016) : If we recive the update in OS, we may use dual whatsapp. As Samsung Z2 supports it.

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