Tso Moriri and Korzok Village on Fourth Day in Leh Ladakh

Fourth Day in Leh Ladakh got to see the very beauty of Nature with Lake and Mountains. We being two chosen Car instead of Bike as the cost would be similar and the trip will be comfortable being a long one. We started early in the morning at around 5:30am from our guest house in Leh to Tso Moriri.

While on the way we stopped at Upshi, a village at around 7:45 am for breakfast. Its a very small village beside the road. We had parothas and tea in Dhaba, food was good.

It was good that we had driver along as it becomes easier to communicate locally if some thing important matter needs to be communicated. The water flow was heavy in the rivers and due to which the level of water flow also rose, as in a place we need to cross a river, due to incomplete construction of a bridge. And being a short/optimistic way our driver communicated and got to know the chances of crossing the river and have chosen that way otherwise we would have eneded in a long route. I have shared the photos of what happened.

While on the way one can find very beautiful views of Mountains and Indus river. The Road is all along the Indus River so we were enjoying the waterflow in the river as well.

We saw hot spring water in Indus while on the way to Tso Moriri. It’s an attraction which one can see Hot water coming out from bottom and getting into Indus. Water is really hot, so cant even touch it.

Wild Deers also gave us a nice oppurtunity to click photos of them. They can be seen somewhere on the way to Tso Moriri, I didnt remember the place, should be and hour or two from Tso Moriri.

While approching our destination Tso moriri, the view keeps on getting beautiful every step. It’s one the beautiful lake I have ever seen. This lake is one of the highest altitude lake in India which is created by Snow Mountains around. I walked around after reaching Tso Moriri for capturing the best pic which I can. One can enjoy clicking the Ducks as well Which are on Shore of the Lake walking around while eating and feeding their little ones. My friend interested in Bird photography cliked many photos of the ducks, I instead clicked his. Photography of a photographer, seems good.

After enjoying a few moments at Tso Moriri, started to Korzok Village which is just 1-2 Km along the lake itself. We had heavy Lunch in Korzok Village and enjoyed the views of Mountains, Lake and Village as well. A little walk around the village gives more beautiful views of Mountains and Lake.

Next was to reach camping site near the lake to setup the tent for resting and sleeping in Night. We reached the camping site and tent setup took around just 10-15 Minutes. This was first time for me to experience the tent. Thanks to my friend. It was around 6pm, we walked a few steps where ever we liked, enjoyed the views, sheeps and called it a day! Had few snaks and slept. This was my first experience to sleep in a Sleeping Bag as well. I now know the importance of sleeping bag in those places. Never forget a mat is important for a sleeping bag, otherwise its so chill in night while temperature is around 2-5 degress, one would get freezed in wind flow.

The place was so enjoyable of Nature! No mobile, no TV, nothing, just enjoy nature’s beauty.

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