Tizen Developer Summit 2015 Second and Last Day #TDS15BLR

The second fresh day at Tizen Developer Summit 2015 Bangaluru was very energetic as everyone came to know about the new device is about to be given to everyone at the counters. Each and every person who participated TDS 2015 got the device. After receiving the device the sessions started.

Three sessions at a time. The first session I attended was of Tizen TV. It was really nice to learn about Tizen TV App developement and cannot stop myself from developing an app fot Tizen TV. It’s really easy.

The Second session was of Architecting games in unity With Best Practices. It was an interesting session by Rustum Scammell from Unity Technologies. It was a very detail and fine session by him inspiring many of the participants to start using Unity and develop games for Tizen. The best thing many would have been liked must be the video at the last which showed a few games videos, they were really amazing!

The sessions which I didnt choose and attended the above sessions were IoTivity, Connected Intelligence, etc…

After lunch, the third and last session was Tizen Devlab which was for all the participants. It was mandatory to bring a Laptop with latest Tizen SDK installed. It was good to learn a few things from coding to designing and launching the app in Tizen Store. In the last couple of goodies were given to random members from draw which was a Tizen running samsung z1 phone. It was a goodbye to all after this.

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