Tirumala Tirupati

We reached Tirupati in the evening around 6 and planned to stay at Tirumala and also taking darshan in the night, reached Tirumala by around 7 in the night and went inside the temple. As we had less than one year daughter we can enter for Special Entry darshanam and come out early, we came to know that the special entry is closed early in the evening, so we came out instead of going in with general public as it will take a lot of time and we may also miss the darshan as the closing time was near.

Had dinner, booked a room and slept. Booking a room was very hard as there was huge public at that time with long Q line and all the rooms were full, another thing was heavy rains started. Seeing at the line I thought it’s impossible to get a Room, any way after sometime we managed to get a 1100 bucks cheapest room, room was spacious but Toilets were not at all good. As it was one night stay we have adjusted and stayed.

Early in the morning we managed to heat the water with a small heater we had as Hot water was also not available, took bath, had breakfast, and went for Darshan. It took around and Hour and Half to come out. Had Lunch inside the temple where they provide free food, and then checked out our room and Started for Chennai.

While on the way visited a temple in tirupati, didnt remember the name nor was able to take photos. After the darshan it started raining heavily and we had to take Auto to travel till the car which was just 5 Minutes away by walk. We got into car and started to Chennai.

Just managed to take a few clicks around Tirupati while on the way.

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