The Tiger of Himalays, Super Sherpa – Apa Sherpa

It was a time during my Leh Ladakh trip I first time heared about Sherpa’s. I was told by my friend that they are so powerful that they carry much of the weight during the climb on the hill, it was unbelievable for me. Today I thought of knowing more about them and came across the Super Sherpa whose name is Apa Sherpa, he is a record holder of climbing Mount Everest 21 Times ( Can you believe it ) apart from various other records.

One thing you also need to observe that he says about the global warming. He is the one who has seen the changes in the Mount Everest. Plant a tree and reduce the pollution.

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Apa Sherpa (Tiger of the Himalaya) from Clay Olsen on Vimeo.

There are many people who successfully attempted the summit, also many died. Apa Sherpa is a real King of Mountains as he only can understand them.

I am very much inspired and motivated.

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