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OLO 3D Printer

OLO A smartphone 3D Printer

Came across this video from OLO which on Kickstarter now. The App and a Device of OLO will let you print any 3D design using your mobile. Check out the video below. This is something...

The Martian

The Martian 2015 in 3D IMAX

After a Long time watched a movie on IMAX, The Martian, I can say people who can enjoy loneliness can enjoy the movie more. First of all I would bring the climax to you, the...

Sakaar App by ISRO for Android

Sakaar App by ISRO for Android

Sakaar app is a kind of application which I have came across for the first time, may be some of you also. Download the app Sakaar. You need additional trigger cards which should be printed...