Snow world

It was really a very exciting place to visit in Hyderabad. You can experience snow fall in snow world. Yes, a real snow fall! You can experience more in snow world like playing volley ball, basket ball, Exciting in snow world in sliding on the snow. You can play with the ice, make it and hit it 🙂 that’s very much happens between friends or close people group. Snow world also have DJ. Enjoy the songs, dance and fun. Few more things you can enjoy in snow world are eating corn, etc… inside purchasing from the restaurant inside, sit on the ICE Chair and eat it, photo shoot points, merry go round snow man’s. So its a much you can enjoy in the snow world. The ticket is Rs. 450/each Adult and Rs. 250/each for child. Children above 2 feet are allowed inside. You get one hour to enjoy.

There are few other things surrounding snow world which you can enjoy if you want to.

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