Sinhgad Fort

I visited Sinhgad fort which is in Pune from 31st March to 2nd April 2015 which is a starting of summer season in India. Before reaching I thought that we will be watching the fort which is used to be at the time of Shivaji. But to my surprise there was no fort at all. It can be just called as Hill. You can even find some residence house over that hill. i think there were around 3-4 houses. You can find many tents with people selling eatables and butter milk.

As there was less time I traveled by car to reach on the top, while many trek, which is more enjoyable during winter/rainy season. You can even feel the temperature difference while reaching the top. Even in sunny day you can enjoy the cool air flowing around.

I experienced bad when I had to go to toilet and there are no proper toilets over above, no proper doors and no water! Imagine how the time it was. Luckily I got half small bucket water with which I was able to manage myself. 🙂 Hope the situation improves soon. The water was so cool even on the sunny day.

The things you can enjoy are the landscape beauty around and that’s it. Trekking and having butter milk and lunch on the top. Better to visit during winter/rainy season.

Checkout the photos below during my trip.


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