Shanti Stupa and Hemis Monastry on Second Day in Leh

I woke up very early in the morning on second day around 4:30am and at around 5:30am started walking towards Shanti Stupa. It took me around one hour from my guest house as I had to try many routes for Shanti Stupa, it would have taken 30 Minutes otherwise.

Reaching Shanti Stupa made me feel like top of a Mountain to view Leh. One can catch the best view of Leh from Shanti Stupa. The greenery, mountains and Buildings. Shanti Stupa is Constructed of two floors for walking 360 degress around it. One has to go only in clockwise direction around the stupa or prayer wheel. I walked around removing my shoes on both the floors of Shanti Stupa, it was calm and makes you feel Shanti. There are four Statues Build on Shanti Stupa Naming Buddha Birth, Mahapari Nirvana, Defeating the Devils and Buddha.

There is a meditation hall just beside Shanti Stupa, One can perform meditation in that silence Hall. I took stairway after Shanti Stupa towards my Guest House. The stairway also shows you good Scenery.

After reaching my room, took bath, got fresh and Hired a Suzuki Bike for Hemis Monastry. The bike hiring costed me Rs. 800/- with 2 Litres of Petrol, I had to pour more as Hemis was around 50KM from Leh, and wanted to explore more on the way.

The road towards Hemis Monastry is good and very much enjoyable on bike. All around you find Snow Mountains, Desert and lots of scenery. While on the way got to know that there is a Guinness Book of world record is set somewhere in between the way for Planting around 35k seeds, there is good greenery.

Attraction in Hemis monastry is the museum which displays all the historic objects and story about how they lived, how the monastry is made and many things, which is really amazing. Photography is not allowed in it, so no photos from inside the museum.

One the way back visited Thikse Monastry which is also a good place to visit. View from the top of Thikse monastry gives your eyes a good pleasure.

Below are the photos which are Titled as well for better relating to the above description of my travel.

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