Self Driving / Driver less Cars

It’s now a reality with driverless cars as many top companies getting involved to manufacturing a self driven car. The most famous presently is Google’s Driverless cars. You would say how would it work. Check out the video below of Google driverless car’s computer detecting the vehicles and road and self driving.

Below is one more video which shows a car developed by Google for this project.

Not only Google is involved in Driverless cars but it is also known that China’s Baidu and BMW also are preparing to launch a driverless cars, this would be a great competition. In India Mahindra Motors is also in works to manufacture thier own Driverless cars.

It will be a reality soom in coming months that we will be spotting a self driven driverless cars on roads. These cars must be very safe.

What major changes it would bring then to a person? I think the main thing is we would not need to go for giving a driving test and then getting a licence for driving cars! 😉 May be then there will be no boards about no drink and drive or no mobile while drivning. You may then text or call or do whatever.

So when a car is launched which is driverless, just think what the persons inside would be doing? Watching TV? Hearing Radio? or just viewing how the car is driving itself, is it driving safely? What would you do if you are in a driverless automatic car?

I am sure the future is of driverless cars which will be completely electric. The cars will take us at high speed and very accurately and safely.

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