Samsung’s TIZEN 3.0 Pride Smartphone

With the new TIZEN SDK 1.1.0 its sure that the new TIZEN device will be launched soon with TIZEN 3.0 running into it. It seems that the Model number will be SM-Z250F of the new TIZEN Phone. What could be the new features would it offer? With the new 3.0 Emulator in SDK, I have observed the following things.

  1. Voice Assistant (Could be Quick Talk or Must be Bixby).
  2. NFC may be added.
  3. TIZEN Connect (May be Host Directory Sharing in short HDS) is one of the new option in Settings.
    and in its control panel follwing are shown which seems new.
  4. 3 Axis
  5. Pedometer
  6. Pressure
  7. Ultavoilet
  8. Heart Rate

Apart from these, I am expecting lot more things, and many more new apps as well.

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