Samsung Z3 Features

Samsung Z3 Smartphone
Samsung Z3 Smartphone

Samsung Z3 which is the next version of Samsung Z1 is now available on Snapdeal

Z3 is having lot of new great features making it a rival smart phone in the country at its competitive price.

Samsung Z3 works on Tizen 2.4 operating system which is yet to be released for Samsung Z1. This 3G Samsung Z3 smartphone has dual SIM, Super Amoled Display, 2600mAH Battery which are very attractive features. Other many features of Samsung Z3 includes 8mp Rear and 5mp front camera, 1GB Ram and 8GB Phone Memory. The Tizen 2.4 version which is the latest has new features in Messaging, videos playing, music playing and more, which I have tested during 2.4 Beta testing release on Samsung Z1. Moreover Samsung Z3 also has Swipe feature in keyboard while Z1 would not get in 2.4 release. This is a simple difference to show how both Samsung Z1 and Z3 are different in Hardware. Like this several new features must be there in Samsung Z3 I belive.

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Lets see what the Users have to say and rate. Interested in Buying Samsung Z3 Just follow this link of Snapdeal

Checkout the few of the attractive new features in the video below.

I am loving it.

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