Samsung Z1 Tizen 2.4 Beta

Tested Samsung Z1 with Tizen 2.4 Beta operating system which is the upcoming version of Tizen OS. Lots of new and enhanced features is making the phone very interesting mobile piece in the price range. Every things work on Smoothly. So many new features of this smart phone is making the Samsung Z1 the best mobile in the market.

The upgrades and changes can be seen from simple calculator to Data Saving. The highlight features of the Upcoming upgrade would be Ultra Data Saving, Ultra Power Saving, Video playing, Widgets, Quick Settings, Radio to name a few. The upgrade version also have preloaded apps live OlaCabs, Quickr, YouTube etc.. WhatsApp would also be included I belive while the beta version was not having the app and was unable to use the old app. Tizen Store also looks quit different with having Categories Tab instead of Button.

Few bugs, errors are present in the Tizen 2.4 beta version and I think all things will be sorted out and the upgrade will be released soon. I also belive that the upcoming Tizen phone Samsung Z3 will have the latest 2.4 Tizen OS.

Check out all the Screen Shots which I have taken and you can have an idea what the upgrade of Tizen will offer you.

In Short I can say Samsung Z1 is a Tiny little light beast Mobile Phone

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