Roller coaster landing Flight

First of all flight got delayed by half an hour. It was surprising to everyone as we booked spicejet but were getting boarded on Czech republic airlines. Not only the aeroplane but the crew members were also from Czech republic.

After traveling so long and just before the landing the announcement was made “due to bad weather the landing will be delayed” after 20 minutes I think the pilot got the landing clearance in the bad weather. The crew members checked all the travellers belts and informed that the landing would be very bumpy and it was.

When the plane started losing altitude there was lightening around as well as lights on aeroplane started turning on and off. The plane sometimes turns or sometimes gain altitude while some time loose altitude. It was good that no one got panic. While travellers beside me keep on looking if the airport is visible. Few were really shocked as the lights off the plane was also see off. After around 15 minutes of screamy ride we were able to see the airport lights and rain.

And the plane landed! While boarding the shuttle, few were checking the parts of aeroplane, might be maintenance people, got to know may be the plane gets effected by bad weather.

Now for the next flight to Leh, I had to board from terminal 3 of Delhi airport, it took almost half an hour on the free road. Thanks to the free shuttle service which provides service for the passengers who just landed and have the board from another terminal.

It’s 2am and I am feeling very sleepy. Waiting for the checking gates to open. Once I check in, I think I can take a nap.

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