Picturesque travelling Delhi to Leh in flight

Fantastic picturesque travelling I should say. The flight started at the right time and just after 15 minutes I was able to see the beautiful mountains, few covered with snow.

The first view, automatic smile on my face, excitement, cool, the view was just wow. Clicked so many snaps. While flying I spotted a small village. Just 2-3 buildings between the mountains and little vegetation. Just imagined how peaceful and beautiful it would be staying there. Will post photos after I return home.

After flying about 40 minutes over mountains, Leh city appeared, so beautiful view of airport and the city, wow. Could not click as I follow the rules of airplanes 😉, they announced to switch off electronic devices before I could take a snap.

The landing was smooth, everyone was eager to get down the plane and feel the climate. Each and everyone seen taking snaps and selfies.

Ekdam mast 👌 aisa lagta hai swarg me aagaye, feel like in heaven.

Something surprising would be that pre paid mobiles doesn’t work nor you can get a good internet connectivity in phone. As I was having info from my friends I preferred to take a post paid connection to keep in touch with dear ones.

While baggage pick up you are sure to listen the health related announcement and also board which asks you to rest for 24-36hrs before enjoying the trip, which I also felt it is needed.

Missing my dear one and kids.. My next to to Leh will be with my family, next year same time 😊. Well this is just the beginning, many things to explore.

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