My Review of Samsung Z1

I have been using Samsung Z1 phone since 6 months and would like to share about the phone which is very nice smartphone in its price range.

samsung Z1
samsung Z1

I won the phone during tizen app development contest and I am happy and thankful for the Samsung Z1 phone. I have been associated with the developement of apps since the beginning of Tizen OS.

First of let me tell you that the phone runs on TIZEN OS which is the newest OS in the market by Samsung. The phone is having all the required basic smart features. The look of the starting screen may confuse at first as it is an Android running phone. The OS is so lightweight that everything running on TIZEN OS Samsung Z1 is very smooth.

It’s very easy as well as you can feel it very simple to turn on WiFi on Samsung z1 compared to any of the other smart phones. My experience with Moto G2 and Windows 720 when Compared. Other features like Airplane mode, Data, Torch, Rotation are all the finger tips when you swipe from top to bottom.

Phone calling, messaging which are the basic features also runs great. While in messaging it was difficult for me to type anything as I am using to swype features of keyboard on smartphones. Hope they release something kid of app where words typing gets easier.

Coming to Apps, Samsung Z1 offers Tizen Store to download apps. It is having the most useful apps like WhatsApp and Facebook. Many other apps are also available for free as well as paid. Gaming apps are also available like Asphalt 8 and others by GameLoft. While this is a new OS you could find very small and fewer new apps.

Looking at the camera it has both front and rear camera’s, I am satisfied with the quality at the price it is offering. The attractive thing in camera I found is Panorama clicks, I found it was very easy to take panorama images with its camera feature it is providing.

Browsing on the phone is easy and I would like to share with you that the Tizen’s browser scores the highest points while compared to any other browsers. Easily one can switch over to different windows while surfing.

The last thing I would like to share about is Battery, it is having a good battery life while on dual sim, it provides extra battery time while on single sim. The best feature in this phone on Battery is while it is at 10% you can switch on the Ultra Power Saving Mode and get incredible extra battery time which optimizes the battery usage and provide you the only needed features in the mobile.

The best thing I received with the phone is free Data package, it was very helpful during my travel and used Samsung Z1 tethering feature in my car to connect to other phones. It’s like WiFi in my car.

I am waiting to the next upgrade in the TIZEN OS which would be coming in the new Samsung Z3 phone which may soon be available in the market.

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