Mobile Screenshots

This post may be helpful for developers, who develop apps for mobiles. For any app marketing or publishing in any stores screenshots are compulsary as well as beneficial. We have screenshots from long ago for a Personal Computer to Laptop and now mobile, it is also helpful in different needs.

Well its easy and may be all know that for a personal computer or laptop a screenshot can be taken easily using “prt sc” button on keyboard. While for Mac computers its Command + Shift + 3.

Today most of the mobiles run on Android OS, and most of the apps are as well made for Android OS. and for taking a screenshot in Android OS is just by pressing Power + Volume Down buttons at the same time. You can see a simple animation showing that the screenshot is taken.

Coming to Windows, it’s the same. Power Button and Volume Down Button for a screen shot.

While iPhone, Tizen and Firefox OS goes along with Power and Home Button.

Easy as a list.

1. Windows Computer: Prt Sc Button
2. Mac Computer: Command + Shift + 3 Buttons
3. Android OS: Power + Volume Down Buttons
4. Windows Phone: Power + Volume Down Buttons
5. Tizen: Home + Power Buttons
6. Firefox: Home + Power Buttons
7. iPhone: Home + Power Buttons

Screenshot taken will be saved in different locations for the above devices. For Mac it is stored in desktop while for windows it gets copied, and it must be pasted in paint or some software. While for Mobile devices they gets stored in images folder or camera roll or screenshots folder which is easily accessable.

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