Mileage experience of my Honda Amaze i-Dtec

It’s now almost an year owning Honda Amaze diesel version. Many have asked about its mileage, as Honda claims best in the market, which is 25.8km/l for its i-Dtec engine. It’s really a great job that they have achieved while debut in diesel engine.

Well let me say that the claim they provide of mileage on ads and everywhere is under certain conditions. All vehicles follow certain norms to display it’s mileage.

While the real thing is experience the drive mileage on road after buying it. I can say that most of the thing depends on the driver, how he drives. I drove the vehicle on ask roads from hilly areas to smooth highways to huge traffic in cities.

While driving in cities I was able to achieve around 16 – 18km/l in huge traffic, well in dead traffic it used to be 11km/l. While in normal conditions it came around 20-24km/l. So it varies very much in the city depending on traffic, signal waiting etc…

On the highways the real testing I have done. I have driven my Honda Amaze in various spends for few kilometers respectively starting from 60km/hr to 160km/hr keeping difference of 10km/hr. The best mileage Honda Amaze achieved was 28km/l while driving at a speed of 65-75km/hr in smooth straight highway. One more point is, I kept the A/C on while driving. Also the same mileage was seen while driving on damaged roads where you can go on maximum speed of 60km/hr to keep your vehicle condition okay.

The mileage starts decreasing slowly once the speed is crossed 90-100km/hr speed. While you increase the speed to 160km/hr the mileage goes down to around 10-15km/l. But the drive is still smooth without any vibration.

Honda Amaze have the capacity of delivering good mileage but depends on the driving. On straight roads I was able to achieve even 30km/l, which seems to be maximum achievable by me.

Few more things I like about Honda Amaze is its spacious, smooth drive, space for extra things in doors, I use it for mobile keeping, motored side mirrors. I enjoy driving it very much on highways.

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