Marina Beach and Kapaleeshwarar Temple Chennai

It was a Full heavy rain trip from Tirumala, Tirupati to Chennai. We reached chennai at night around 8 and booked a Hotel Room far away from the center of the city as the traffic was very slow moving. My idea is, as Chennai is near, we would enjoy beach and go back to Home City Hyderabad.

We had yummy dinner and slpet. The next morning was lazy, had brunch and went to Marina Beach. Water is not good but still there is lot enjoyment for kids to play and enjoy in the Sand. Many enjoy water waves as well. My One year Daughter enjoyed very much 🙂 We then visited Kapaaleshwarar Temple and had lunch in a nearby small hotel which served us with a very delicious food.

We then rested the night in the hotel and next day afternoon started our way back to Hyderabad. The route is very nice and I enjoyed the driving on this long route. I am thankfull to all the people who helped us and guided us whenever there was need to us.

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