Mangoes Market

Have been to Mangoes Market in Dilsukhnagar, I felt delightful to see so many mangoes at one place, really an Unriped Mango Market. Daily 1000’s of KG’s mangoes gets traded from Alphonsa to Rasalu.

In this market many sellers sell thier mangoes on bidding option. Bidding is done on 20Kg, 100Kg, 500Kg and on. Depending on the quality and Variety of Mangoes the rates differ. The minimum you can buy from that market is 20Kg. Its hard to take part in bidding option but you can get a good price after bargaining and buying through a seller.

My main intention was to buy unriped Mangoes in wholesale rate and ripe it at home as many of the sellers are riping mangoes using Calcium Carbide. It is known that Calcium Carbide is harmful and is cancer generating chemical, using this for riping the mangoes is dangerous and whoever consumes that mangoes would have more chances to become ill. Many of the sellers in Wholesale market are also now asking to ripe the mangoes in Carbide, its unbelievable that they are now openly asking. It seems all the thele-wala or bandi-wala who sells mangoes on road are ripened using Carbide. Afterall, we have to take care of health ourseleves.

While reading articles from various sources online, it is suggested that not to consume them at all. Not even washing then throughly or keeping them in water for sometime. As the chemical will effect the inside part of mango also.

I bought a few Kg’s let’s see how they get ripen. Hoping to enoy them after 4-5 Days. Should be yummy and tasty. One more and the last thing, Mango is the King of Fruits! and I love Mangoes.

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