Mango Season

I enjoy mangoes more than any other can do. I like mangoes so much that I have mangoes three times a day and also occasionally whenever I get a sort of interest for consuming it. I really wait for the summer season every year so that I can have mangoes. I like all types of mangoes, only thing is it should be sweet thats it.

When the season starts and sweet mangoes comes in, theres no day that theres no mango in our refrigirator or kitchen. I wait for sometime before starting the purchase of mangoes when the season starts. When the riped mangoes comes into market which are sweet, then I purchase it till the season ends. I always prefer to get the unriped mangoes and ripe it in home, thats always good. I always enoy having various types of mangoes which ever are availiable in the market. When ever a new type comes in, I purchase atleast a small quantity for the taste no matter what it costs.

Commonly there are only two types of Mangoes in the market, one which can be cut and can consume by making pieces and other which is sucked and consumed, thats the juicy one which are used for making Mango Juice in home, also called as Aam Ras.

Mangoes are very much good for health, you can check out by searching on the internet about the benefits of Mangoes. Below are the images of Mangoes which I have taken before consuming it 🙂

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