Mahanandi Temple

We started for Mahanandi after Srisailam. The route was good but very curvy, that’s one reason I could not speed my vehicle and had to drive slowly and carefully. For Manandi temple one has to take a turn from a small village and drive through kaccha road for couple of kilometers. It was good we asked a couple of people and came to know that the temple is open till around 9 at night and there are many rooms for staying around the temple, otherwise we would have travelled to a nearby town which is Nandyal and booked room there and come again the next day for darshan. We reached at around 8 at night and visited the temple. Its tricky inside the temple as pujaris are ready to charge you or ask you to put money for them for small things, first time visitors will be surely surprised seeing these things. Being in a remote place one has to overpay and enjoy whatever he would like to.

For entering the temple as well there is a charge. After entering the temple there are two beautiful Idols which are of Shiv on one side and Parvati on another. There are then two kunds one on each side where one can Wash legs or even bath before entering the second door of the temple. There is again a big water Kund inside for the same and people enjoy there as well. After the darshan we came out and booked a room. One can get very good rooms at reasonable price, while other all things like water bottle, tea etc.. are overly priced. Its better to carry the needed things before entering Mahanandi.

Enjoyed the stay at night with a good sleep and took darshan again the next day morning and started our trip to Tirupati.

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