Leh Palace and Tsemo Gompa By Walk on third day of Leh

As I thought of trekking in Leh, I needed to acclimatize for height and to do that, planned for trekking to Tsemo Gompa along Leh Palace on the way. My friend who already done mountaineering was my guide.

We started around 9:00am from our Guest House towards the hill on which Leh Palace is located, Walking through the market. It would be surprising that the Walking path of Leh Palace is not so good as many waste is around during the entrance, While the road way it might be better. We started walking on the Hill and I think it took around 25-30Min for Leh Palace and then 5-10 Min to Tsemo Gompa. It was a breathtaking view from above. Such a nice scenery that one would sit there for Hours and enjoy the view. I enjoyed the trek very much and the scenery which I saw is still in my eyes. We took a few snaps and I also wanted to try snaps of far away places like Shanti Stupa, so did it.

When started down, I think it took just 10 minutes to reach the starting point. Had Lunch in Orange restaurant, had a bad experience with one of the staff and did lunch in Wunderland restaurant, this is really a good one.

After then reached our guest house and took rest for that day. While I had few snaps of flowers around our Guest House.

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