Leh Ladakh Packing List

As I planned for trekking in Leh Ladakh, I had to carry a few important things with me, just wanted to share the list as it may be helpful for any one who wants to do.

After my experience in Ladakh, I can say that the weather in Leh Ladakh is Unpredictable, If Sun is shining, you have use Sunscreen as Skin Burns could occur for people coming from Low Altitudes, and sometimes you need cold cream, as the weather is Dry all the time.

Basic List for Trekkers:

Head light
UV goggles
Jacket/Wind Cheater
Hands gloves
Sleeping bag with 0 degrees specifiction
First aid kit
Sunscreen 50spf, Mild one – Nitrogena Recommended
Lip Balm
Cold Cream
Passport/Identity Proof
Trekking Shoes
Micoderm powder
Tent if self camping
Water bottle

Best brand for most of the products is Quechua. One can visit Decathlon Store and Purchase 99% products from there. Many of these can also be made availiable on rent in Leh but I have choosen to own all these.

If you can suggest more, please comment.

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