Krishna Janmashtami and Teachers Day

Today was the celebration day of Krishna Janamashtami and Teachers day. I wish all my teachers as well as all the teachers a Happy Teachers Day and a Happy Krishna Janmashtami to all the my blog readers.

I remember the celebration at our school how it use to happen, all the 10th Class students being the final year in the school become Teachers for the Day and would teach to all the lower classes as appreciation to the teachers. Well I can say frankly that at that time I didnt know that teachers day is celebrated on the Birth Date of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Ji. We use to enjoy the day as teachers and teaching to lower classes.

At our place Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated with performing Hawan and preparing sweet at home. Krishna Janmashtami was celebrated yesterdsay in Play School, by making boys get up as Krishna and Girls as Radha.

It was really surprising and nice that my son was so happy to have the get up like Krishna.

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