How much Water one should drink

It’s a confusion for many about how much water he/she should drink, well I would ask when this question started in mind?

I would say this started when you were not sync with your body requirements. Whenever body needs water, thirst is felt and drinks water. I feel that now a days people are very much busy in other works that they lose sync with the body and once the thirst is dead, the sync is lost. So how would you again sync it? It’s as easy when you push sync button on your computer. But when you forget to push sync button, then you start the problems.

Water Drink Copper
Water Drink Copper

So now when you are not in Sync, mostly you hear of drink excess water, daily you should drink five liters of water, etc.. which I can say are not exactly correct. Lets say, if you do heavy workout daily, then you may need more than five liters may be six or seven or more. And when you are not working out, it may surely decrease.

So I simply say that just stay in sync with your body and have your control on it.

Disclaimer: All the above mentioned is from my thinking and it may suit you or may not.

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