Hall of Fame and Zorawar Fort on Eighth Day in Leh

On the eighth day planned to visit Hall of Fame, A war memorial. After early wakeup and breakfast started walking towards Hall of Fame which is near by to the Leh Airport. The distance is around 5-6 km from the guest house I was staying.

Started walking and got to see many beautiful views of mountains. It was easy to walk towards Hall of fame as it was in low altitude and I have to go downwards. While on the way got to see Zorawar Fort, nothing inside I could see as everything was locked and some work was going on. Just had couple of snaps and continued towards Hall of Fame. It took me around one and a half hour to reach.

Well when I saw the board that Tuesday it is closed, I was just going Mad, but when I saw doors were open, got a little relief, then I got to read at the bottom of the board that it is during seson of Snow, from november to MarchnI think (Didn’t remember exactly). Camera was allowed for just around Twenty Rupees. The entry Hall had a Big Map constructed of all the peaks and Himalayas. All around the walls were filled with Big photographs of Ladakhi People and sceneries of Ladakh. Walked in to all the rooms across and got to see Photographs of Soldiers who gave thier life during war, peaks, how they captured and many other. Moving up on the second floor, got to see Guns, Mountaineering Equipments and Saichen Hut. No Indian should miss Hall of Fame while visiting Leh. It’s a proud feeling one can have.

One can go other side from the door and see the In Memory construction and also do some adventurous or play games beside it. Its a nice thing made by military to enjoy as well and experience a small part of military life.

After Hall of Fame, started my way back to guest house. It was so difficult as I had to go upwards and was very much hungry. Got to stop at a Dhaba and had my Lunch, Rajma and Rice, the best one can get. After stomach full of Lunch walked a few meters and sat down resting. Thought I would go to my room without any break, but took around 4-5 breaks sitting on the side of the road whereever I found the place. It was real difficult, stomach full, upwards walking and sleepy.

Enjoyed the views around and any how reached Guest House and slept.

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