Golconda Fort

Historic Beauty and near by the City makes Golconda Fort a Good place for spending a day with kids. Sharing a few pics which I took. Climbing the stairs towards the top of the Fort seemed not possible. So had to enjoy the surrounding gardens and just the scenic beauty of the place.

Every time I entered the place and stick to the way to the top and reach it, enjoy the beautiful view and go back home. This time, it was sure that I am not going to the top, while walking around, got to see from new angles and it felt new for me. There are so many things to see and explore when you see something from a different angle.

Kids enjoy climbing the stairs and surrounding views. One should be more careful as there is no railing or wall at the corners at few places. Kids enjoy walking on the top of compound walls instead of Steps, so this is one thing I always do for them, also I make sure hand is tightly hold. They enjoy.

One can hire a Guide, to know about all the places in the Fort. Photographers are also available who can take your great photographs along with the fort. it’s a nice memorable thing one could take.

Hope to go back the same again sometime soon and spending whole day.

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