Goa, The world of Beaches

Just back in my home town after enjoying the beaches of Goa. Enjoyed a lot and captured many memorable moments. Goa is one of the finest place to enjoy holiday. The place can be enjoyed with friends as well as family. Kids can enjoy whole day on beach playing with sand and water until they are hungry.

Every beach has a different story, it’s not the same, many things changes in each beach and one can enjoy new things in every beach of Goa.

Being a vegetarian it’s not that difficult to find Vegetarian Food in Goa, Every beach has at least one (may be only one) Pure Vegetarian restaurant with delicious food. I found one near every beach.

There are so many Coconut trees, I though they would be damn cheap, but they are very high-priced and asking for lower price is difficult.

I have visited around 5 beaches and the best one I liked is Anjuna Beach. Will be Sharing many things soon!

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