Future of Mobile OS

I would like to share some of my views on mobile operating system and what I expect in the future.

Presently the most of the market is captured by Android and there are 100’s of manufactures who install Android on their mobiles and sell, and the premium market is captured by iPhone, they have their own OS. May be third number comes for windows and the remaining are Firefox, Tizen, Ubuntu, etc…

Android, being a successful for so long years without any tough competition may now have a tough competition with windows as well s Tizen and Firefox. I have used Android, Windows, Tizen mobiles and from all these three I find all of them have advantages and disadvantages.

I have chosen to be with windows as personally I liked its features. Well there are far more features to come up with to match with Android but the road path they have chosen seems to be good since they released windows 8.1 week I am waiting for the release of windows 10 which will be the best of windows phone OS. Comparing the weight between the Windows and Android, Windows seems to be light weighted and well arranged. Looking at the most usable features android seems to be good with its top drag down which windows is having just 4 features.

While I compare Tizen also, this seems to be much lighter, with this feature OS. I have been watching about Tizen very closely so I know that Tizen is going to be one of the competitor in mobile OS.

I have never used iPhone but looking at market and the quality of mobiles it sells, very few shift to other mobile OS. It’s been a premium type phone.

When I look overall the future I think will be in Windows and Tizen mostly. The reason is Windows is a habit for many and Samsung is a giant of home appliances and more in which they are using Tizen. While Android future is unpredictable for me unless they come with more innovative things.

You can comment on my views as well as share your views using the space below.

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