Charminar is an Iconic place of Hyderabad. CHAR means four and MINAR means Tower.

Charminar History

It was built in 1591 by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah, 5th Sultan of qutb shahi dynasty for commemorate the end of the plague. It is said that Hyderabad City was planned considering Charminar and Mecca Masjid as center of the city. This place is now a historical monument and also a Tourist Spot. The monument construction used granite, limestone, marble and mortar and architectural style is Islamic.

Charminar Visit Experience

We are allowed to climb up to first level. The monument is currently under renovation and repair works are being carried out. Hope they allow us to climb up on to the top floor for better experience.

The monument is fenced with iron, and a part is left for a gate, the ticket counter is just at the gate. We need to purchase ticket for entering into the monument. We can then climb up or enjoy the bottom floor. We first climbed up, the stairs construction is spherical, its one of the good experience of climbing spherical stairs. Long steps needed for each step.

First Floor

Once we reach the first floor which is connected between all the four minarets, We enjoy the beauty of the city view. All the four sides have different fantastic views. One side Mecca Masjid, One Side Market, Once Side Laad bazaar.

There are a few posters and written tiles where one can read about the monument, its construction, repairing works, the views, history in small parts. People enjoy here taking selfies and photos with beautiful backgrounds.

It’s a beautiful and nice view which can be experienced only from the top. A Good View of Mecca Masjid and Shops around. The hill where Golconda fort is situated is also visible clearly. Just imagine how it would have been when they built the place.


During night the monument glows with colorful lights which makes it more beautiful.

For reaching this place once you can take auto or a cab. TSRTC buses are also available.

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