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nokia 6

Nokia Mobile is Back

Nokia is back with 4 new mobiles which includes the classic new Nokia 3310. Its very cute. Check out the videos below. Nokia 3 Nokia 5 Nokia 6 Nokia 3310

Samsung Z2 Update

Samsung Z2 Update of 5.3mb

Just received update on my Samsung Z2 Mobile. The size of the update is 5.3MB. The screenshots are as below. The update goes very smoothly and takes very less time. Visually nothing difference I could...

tizen image

Samsung’s TIZEN 3.0 Pride Smartphone

With the new TIZEN SDK 1.1.0 its sure that the new TIZEN device will be launched soon with TIZEN 3.0 running into it. It seems that the Model number will be SM-Z250F of the new...