Beat the Heat at Ocean Park

Ocean Park in Hyderabad is one of the place where one can beat the heat of the summer playing water rides. The Park opens at 11 Hours and we reached at around 14 Hours. Here age is not criteria for kids, the height is. If the height is less than 2’6″ then its free.

We entered and directly went to changing rooms and changed the clothes. Dont worry if you haven’t bought Nylon clothes, they are availiable in Ocean Park, they charged 100 bucks per person.

Enjoyed the slides, it was a thrilling experience. Shower/Rain Dance is in Cold water, so one who doesnt know dance also dances. Wave pool gives you a beach experience.

Apart from water rides, other rides are also enjoyable like Cable Car, Bumping Cars, Merry Go Round. Kids can have lots of fun as many of the rides are also availiable for them.

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