Basic needs for a Website or Blog

It’s been a decade when I thought of making a website and didn’t know how anything about it. Today with the new technologies and offering a website can be ready with in a few minutes and you are ready to share the web address with whomever you want to. I will be sharing my ideas here about how to make a website or a blog with an easy way and least costs.

First of all you should have a domain name (For Example or, now a days you can have many other ending’s like .in, .org, .camera, etc… You can expect spendings around 5 to 20 USD for this for an year, you have to renew yearly. Depending on the domain name, it may cost you more also. Choosing a domain name is also important so that any one who needs to visit on the web address should be able to remember it. Think of some catchy name depending on the subject on which the website is, think of 2-3 names or should check immediately first if it is availiable for registering the domain. You can check this on
or other providers as well with whom you want to register your domain. Registering the domain is the first and most important step for a website or a blog.

Now the step comes for the space booking, Almost all the Domain name providers also give you an option for registering the space for website. Depending on the space required and the traffic you are expecting for your website, you can select the option. For beginners Shared Hosting is best while others choose depening on thier requirements. There are many hosting providers which even give you option for unlimited space and bandwidth, this may be best if you think the website will be keep improving in traffic and space. The basic hosting charges may be starting for 4 USD per month. You may find below this as well as above this also. Go for a good one, by checking its reviews, searching on the internet. You can also choose for larger space and host multiple domains onto it, if at all you have some sort of ideas, but check for the options.

While many offers both of the above two, like Domain Name and Hosting they also have softwares which will let you install scripts/softwares for your website. You can install script for free, which are from blogs, social networking, photos, e-commerce etc…You can easily edit your website/blog looks by logging into an admin account which will be provided by the script/software. Or you can even hire a freelancer and make all the changes you need.

More things you should do now a days is, making a facebook page, twitter account so that readers/contacts can be in touch whenever an update is required to be delivered, as these things are easier than making them subscribe to your blog.

Total around you would be spending 20 – 50 USD for a basic website per month.

The most easiest way to make a website is, go to or and start making your account. After that you can even have your own domain name for which they charge a little per month or year. The difference here in this website’s is, you may not have so many options to make changes.

Choose what you want and startv making your own website. For any help needed you can just comment below.

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