B.M. Birla Science Museum

Its been after couple of years I have been to the Birla Science Museum. From Ticket to everything inside seems to be renovated. The tickets cost are increased and it costed 80 Bucks per person.


While there are four levels.

Level 0: Room Royale | Doll and Archaeology : Room Royale is a new room which is in Godrej Locker room, having Wall Cloth in the middle having full or Original pearls stiched with Gold and many jewellary on it. While Surrounding there are display of Letters from APJ Abdul Kalam, Photographs, Stamps, etc… Before entering this room, mobiles are collected by security and returned afterwards.

Doll and Archeology Collection is huge and beautiful. From Limited edition collections to Old Age locks. So many things to see and observe. One of the finest collections Birla’s are having.

Level 1: Interactive Science Section : Seems after many years they have introduced few new things, repaired and removed as well. All the products are the demonstration of the knowledge one has. For kids this is a much attraction for better understanding of Science.

Level 2: Dwarka | Antarctica | NRSA | IEEE : This level is an interesting level which have model of Sunken Dwarka to the modern education of IEEE.

Level 3: Dinosaurium : This is very attractive to every one. The original bone model of Dinosaur, perfectly arranged at its place is at the center and surrouding is with Bones and Eggs of Dinosaur during the time.

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