Ananthagiri Hills – A Decent family adventure

It was sunday morning we decided for having a trip to Ananthagiri Hills. Our first time to this place and we enjoyed a lot. Started from my home at around 11:00, it took around 2 hours of normal speed driving. Roads are excellent and traffic was not a problem after crossing mehdipatnam. Due to the rainy season all the places are covered with beautiful greenery, it was very much enjoying driving on the road with greenery surroundings and sun covered by clouds.

The main attraction point in Ananthagiri hills is Anantha Padmanabhaswamy Temple. It’s on the main road and anyone can easily spot the temple. There are two huge and tall statues of Garuda and Hanuman before the entrance of the temple.

It was around 14:20 we entered the temple and the gates inside the temple were closed just before us. When asked, he said it will be reopened at 15:00, got a little peace. We came out and started exploring around. Just beside the entrance of temple there were steps and many people were going, we also thought let’s go as we have time and were excited. The steps were going towards the pond which may have been constructed years back and was not at all maintained. If they would have maintained it, it could be one very nice heavenly spot.

Just to explore we went ahead of the ponds and saw many couple of ways inside the jungle and on to the hills. We decided to walk and go on to the top. It was a tiny risky adventure, it was just 30-35 steps to the top but was almost 80 degrees during 5 steps which walking towards top, may be by luck we were not wearing shoes or sandals which made a good grip for walking on the hill. We climbed but could not get any view of landscape as the trees cover all the views around, may be if we have walked further on the top would got the view but as we were with the kids, thought of returning and came down. Walking downwards from the hill also requires skill to put your steps and energy.

The trees around were having long and curvy branches which can be enjoyed to climb and sit on it for everyone. Kids really enjoyed this. We had very nice snaps on it.

While coming upstairs we chose a point to sit for lunch. I had to bring all the tiffin from the car, which made my legs excercise and got a good feeling of being fit. Had lunch and then went inside the temple. Had laddu’s which one can purchase at prasadam counter, were tasty.

We had information of a reservoir nearby but as it was 16 hrs by then and as we thought of reaching home at 18 Hrs we decided to start towards home in Hyderabad instead of going further and searching for it. Well there may be many other places as well to explore by walking inside the jungles. Have a mosquito repellent if one would think of walking inside the jungles.

Well whoever wants to go and enjoy Ananthagiri, My suggestion is start early around 7 and finish Ananthagiri by 1 or 2 and then travel further, and can reach the lake reservoir Nagasamudram, which I digged out from Google after coming home. Family can also enjoy a weekend as there is a Haritha resort by Telangana Tourism, very nearby to the temple. We may plan this way if we think of travelling again to that place.

A video while coming down the hill


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